Short film
In a village in rural Greece, a 12 year-old boy decides to leave for the big city. His departure at the crack of dawn on an autumn day is repeated again and again as his fears and desires keep re-narrating it, thus creating its reality.
With Yannis-Kontouris Papanikolaou, Dimitris Petropoulos, Liza Sianou, Yannis Senteles
Directed by Panayotis Kravvaris
Script by Panayotis Kravvaris and Gely Grintaki, on a free adaptation of the short novel by Nikos Houliaras Cinematography by Takis Venetsanakos
Edited by Takis Gorgorinis
Music by Alexis Bayas
Sets and costumes by Maria Skederidou and Thoukididis Papageorgiou
Sound by Kostas Koutelidakis, Thanasis Arvanitis, Nikos Bouyoukos
Produced by Greek Film Center, Olympus Films, Panayotis Kravvaris

The Line Bus (2005)

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