There ( Ekei ) (ShortFilm) – 2015

There ( Ekei ) (ShortFilm) – 2015
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Synopsis :
Vera (the main character) is the personification of a new generation who struggles to redefine its own national identity, a generation that seeks to stand on its own feet, leaving aside racism, religious prejudices, social inequalities and national identities.
The streets of Athens become the body and the soul of the film.
The anti-racism and anti-sexism atmosphere, throughout the film, is evident; yet the film places the spectator into a position to rethink subject matters such as national identity, migration, human and social rights.

Cast of Characters:
Marianthi Pantelopoulou – Vera
Dimitris Kapetanakos – Courier
Eleana Stravodimou – Lila
Yiorgos Batzios – golden boy
Stathis Stamoulakatos – head ofFasist
Vagelis Kipouros – Fasist
Vagelis Euaggelinos – Fasist
Amir Khan- homeless

STUNTS (fight scene)
Agapi Ioannidou
Vlassis Acharnikos
Giorgos Zampoyras
Christos Skopis

Undercover policeman
Achilleas Chliafas
Tassos Stamatis
Nikos Dimopoulos
Iraklis Kappas

Director: Yiorgos Bakalis –
Screenplay : Eliana Kanaveli, Yiorgos Bakalis
Director of Photography: Aggelos Mantzios –
Choreography fight scene : Ouse Glen (krav maga)
co – producer : Erica Koukouna
Sound Design – Audio Post Production: Dimitris Miyiakis
Sound desighn Assistant : Yiannis Spanos
Assistant camera : Alex Alexandrou
Sound: Giannis Apostolidis, Nikos Galanos
Script Supervisor: Eliana Kanaveli
Make Up: Nansy Stamati , Elia Kanaki, Despoina Krampi

Music: by :
Psychedelic trips to Death – “Spaceships” from the album “Malibu” – release 2012
Alexander Alexandrou – “Photographs” and ” There we go” – recordes 2014
Miyiaki – “Piano Mood”
Ρεφα – “Ουσακ ταξιμι στο ουτι” from the album ” Ρεφα”

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