The Alibi – To Άλλοθι (2010)

A short film that was created for the “Athens 48hour Film Project 2010. The movie was written, cast, shot, edited & mixed in 48 hours.
We won 3 Awards (Best Movie, Best Director, Best Cinematography). The awards were later revoked due to conflicts with the organizing company. Anyway :/ Enjoy!

The screenplay is based on a game we used play with urban myths.

Petros Lagoutis
Vicky Papadopoulou
Nikolas Aggelis
Christos Sampoutzis

Director: Akis Polizos
Cinematographer: Antonis Kounellas
Editor: Dimitris Polyzos
Production Manager: Dimitris Hatzivogiatzis
Sound: Ioannis Antipas
Mix & Music: Dimitris Fritzalas

Category: Θρίλερ