Mavri Thiella (Black Tempest) 2011, short film

35mm film, color, 14’
Based on novel by Dimitris Mingas
Directed by Nikos Kallaras

Α Kick-Off in a rush, a missed pass and a missed goal, deprive Kalamata’s FC of its stay in the major league. Rumors of fixed games are circulating. The fans are upset and blame Thomas, who dies in shame.
Haunted, he visits one by one his fellow players in their dreams. He wants them to play the match once again.

Yannis Stankoglou – Giorgos Chrysostomou – Stathis Mantzoros
Vangelis Alexandris – Giorgos Giannopoulos – Makis Papadimitratos

34th National Short Film Festival in Drama 2011 (Greece)
6th Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival TISFF 2012 (Greece)
6th Athens International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo 2012 (Greece)
Special screening during ΕURO 2012 at selected fun zones, cinemas, clubs and art galleries (Poland)
Special screening Short Greek Films – Film Festival Shortwaves 2012 (Poland)
Special screening at 30th Book Celebration, films based on books, National Book Centre of Greece (Greece)
Special screening Short Greek Films – Film Festival Shortwaves 2014 (Poland)
Special screening at the 66th Frankfurt International Book Fair (Germany)

Category: Δράμα