“ENGRAVED ROSE” | Short Film” | (c)2012

Directed by Thanasis Neofotistos (NF)
(*My student exercise of 1st year in film direction school)
(*Στα πλαίσια άσκησης από τo 1ο έτος σχολή σκηνοθεσίας)

SYNOPSIS: A woman dealing with a devastating loss. She struggles to choose what is best, living with her painful memories or trying to sink into oblivion? What remains to be answered : is her art going to offer her the redemption she anticipates?
ΠΕΡΙΛΗΨΗ: Μια γυναίκα αντιμέτωπη με την απώλεια. Οι επιλογές της, η μνήμη που πονάει και η λήθη που αδικεί… Είναι άραγε η τέχνη της ικανή να της προσφέρει τη λύτρωση που προσδοκά?

Direction / Editing / Cinematography / Art Direction / Screenplay : Thanasis Neofotistos
Sound Design : Chistos Giotis

█►Athens Digital ISFF 2012
█►Short Student Film Festival “First Glance” 2012
1st Scenography Award
2nd Cinematography Award
2nd Best Student Director
2nd Sound Award
█►Patra Film Festival ISFF 2012
█►Naoussa Film Festival ISFF 2012
█►AltCine ISFF 2012
█►Argo Film Festival 2012
█►ArtFools Film Festival 2012
█►Athens Digital Film Festival 2014

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Athens, Greece.
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